February 21, 2010

The I-Blood Team is proud to announce that today, I-Blood network has promoted to complete version form it's beta state. As a result the blood network service is now provided form it's main domain http://www.i-blood.com . All donors and members of I-Blood are requested to access the website at this new address.

I-Blood started it's new journey on 2nd August, 2009. Since then, it is focusing to improve features and functionality of the service as well as to increase the number of donors. There are some new features added to I-Blood, among them “Improved Layout”, “Blood Request Board”, “Member Wall” and “I-Blood News Section” are important. Some great features are coming soon.

From now on, the beta release will no longer be available and any request sent to http://beta.i-blood.com will be automatically redirected to http://www.i-blood.com

Thanks for being with I-Blood.

The I-Blood Team